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About Us

AITP Mission:

AITP seeks to bring key and influential technologists in the Greater Richmond area together once a month on programs that promote and highlight nascent IT trends and technologies that may or may not have parallels in local implementations. Our role is to serve as a catalyst to stimulate and connect innovative, creative and local technologists and facilitate learning and knowledge sharing at a peer to peer level.

We are a “member led” Forum and serve as both a facilitator and conduit for local information technology ideas and networking.

Primarily our goals are to:

Inform – Through our Forum members and partners, we want to inform the IT community of nascent IT trends and technologies that may or may not have parallels in local implementations.  If there are IT trends, issues or opportunities impacting local IT organizations, we want AITP to be the place to turn to facilitate a local discussion on those topics.
Social Media Networking  – Through our members and partners, we want to facilitate the sharing of ideas, experiences and learning at a local level, member to member.  When you have a technology question or issue, we want you to reach out to your peers at AITP first and foremost, to find that answer.

We will accomplish this mission through local programs, panel discussions and meetings driven by the member’s needs, formalizing and opening up our networks to be used as a tool, provide support for user groups and work sessions, and provide social media tools to facilitate discussions, meetings and idea sharing.